Force Equalizers: The Kubotan

Philadelphia Self Defense Rape Prevention

The Kubotan, affectionately known as the “Attitude Adjuster” simply put, is a blunt stick used for self protection and defense. The Kubotan was developed by Takayuki Kubota who is a Gosoku-ryū Karate Master. Master Kubota’s personal defense “stick” has evolved from the Japanese Yawara, which was also a blunt stick adopted by Japanese Police in the 40’s. The stick is a great alternative to carrying a weapon, takes little time to learn, and can easily be meshed with your current techniques. The Kubotan is primarily used for pressure point attacks, joint locks or blunt trauma strikes. It is very similar to the Filipino plamstick or Dulo-Dulo.

Ok, enough of the history lesson, so what can the Kubotan do for you? The Kubotan can add another element of protection to your current training regime. So, what if you don’t train? The use of the Kubotan is simple, and you can be creative with it, but in our opinion training always helps.

The Kubotan is usually between 5 and 6 inches long and usually has a large keyring on one end to make it easy to carry. Most of the time it’s made from aluminum, wood or heavy plastic, and some models offer a pointed tip. One of the most common questions we get asked, especially at our Woman’s Self Defense workshops is: “Should I carry Mace or a weapon with me?” That’s a tricky question to answer. Do we advocate carrying a force equalizer with you? Typically yes, but keep reading…

Your force equalizer could be a Kubotan, Pepper Spray, handgun, a flashlight or a stungun, quite frankly it doesn’t matter all that much what it is, as long as you abide by state and local laws. The most important point is that you know how to use that particular tool under a stressed adrenaline state. An analogy we often use to describe the lack of training with concealed carry tools is: “Not training with an equalizer you plan on carrying with you is equal to owning a brand new Ferrari and not knowing how to drive manual.” While the idea is somewhat funny, it’s 100% true. So our point is, take the time to train, and learn the ins-and-outs of your equalizer of choice. The second point to keep in mind is learning  your state and local laws. Force equalizers can be considered weapons, so learning what is legal and what is illegal is step number one. Understand your laws and abide by them . While a Kubotan by itself is fairly unthreatening, ones with spikes, sharp ends or that use tactical in their name can obviously be seen as a tool intended to do serious harm. When it comes to self defense, keep it simple, make sure your comfortable, abide by the laws and most importantly – go train!

We love the kubotan for everyone, especially women, because you can comfortably keep it in the palm of your hand. It’s simple and non-threatening, you can attach it to your keys, use it as a flail, strike with it, or use it for pain compliance.

I cannot express how effective and useful this small device can be, its light, involves little training, easily concealable and very cheap (usually under $20) so go buy one, and go train with it!

Photo from Sharptactics