Never willingly go to the ground

Philadelphia Self Defense, never willingly go to the ground


Possibly one of the worst techniques I have ever seen, and it could clearly get you killed.

It’s very rare that I get angry or even upset, but after recently coming across this video I was not happy. Let me start off by saying I don’t like calling people out or talking negatively about someone, but when it comes to someones life or well being I think I have a right to. The video in subject today is from the “Fight Like a Girl FLAG” system from Defend University. I have recently seen this program advertised a lot and quiet frankly some of the techniques could get you raped or killed.

As a long time grappler I don’t mind fighting on the ground or even being on my back, but when it comes to real life self defense outside of the gym it’s the last place I want to be. Why? Well your in the elements, its not fun to fall or lay on gravel or cement away from the cushy floored gym. You need to realize how dangerous the ground can be and it can cause real harm to yourself.

Take a look at this ridiculous technique for “escaping a wrist grab.” While I understand the concept (Economy of Motion: using your strongest attributes vs your attacker with the least amount of effort) this is absolutely the wrong way to do it. Knowing how to defend yourself on the ground and escaping is one thing. Willingly going to the ground will get you killed or raped. NEVER EVER GO TO THE GROUND WILLINGLY!

I am also shocked at the fact that this “program” is being taught by several BJJ blackbelts in the area. I would think after approximately 8-10 years of experience in ground fighting they would realize that the ground is the last place you should be in an attack or altercation, regardless of your experience.

So ask yourself this: Why would I voluntarily go to the ground?

If your a female, the chance of rape or attempted rape just increased dramatically.
If your smaller or weaker than your attacker, your immediately at an automatic disadvantage.

These two reasons alone should be clear as day to you.