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Throughout the year we offer Specialty Courses that provide our students with a comprehensive toolset oriented toward practical self defense.

Our Specialty Courses typically run for 6 weeks and as always, our training is reality based and focused on the core fundamentals of self preservation. Currently, we offer a Foundation Self Defense Courses once a semester, as well as other specific courses that include Filipino Kali, Integrated Weapons, Catch Wrestling, Defensive Ground Combatives, and Dirty Boxing. Each course builds the students toolset and provides them with the basics to continue learning and taking the other courses and classes we provide.

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Self Defense Foundations 101

Self Defense Foundations 101

During our intensive 6 Week course Learn the Foundations of Self Defense and build a solid base to continue your learning in the other classes we provide. This course requires no previous experience and we cover the full range of self defense fundamentals which includes:

● Striking Applications
● Utilization of Improvised Weapons
● Ground Defense
● Situational Awareness and Risk Reduction Tactics
● Environmental Constraints and Considerations
● Mindset and Stress Inoculation
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Specialized Workshops

Specialized Workshops

We have our specialized workshops which are tailored to specifically cover topics that have been requested by our clients. Each workshop is focused on building a foundation as well as providing advanced principles on each. These workshops are great for beginners as well as practitioners with previous experience. We have these courses on a rotating basis and they include:

● Women's Striking for Self Defense
● Women's Grappling for Self Defense
● Intensive Impact Edged Weapons Defense
● Intensive Impact and Edged Weapons Application
● Mass attack and Close Quarters

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