Catch Wrestling Styles


Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW)
Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) was founded by Erik Paulson, former world light heavyweight shooto champion. CSW is a combative art which uniquely blends the techniques and principles of Shoot Wrestiling, Russian Sambo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Catch Wrestling (CACC) and Thai Boxing.

The curriculum is a three dimensional martial art form that involves striking, takedowns, and submissions. Practitioners (Shooters) are allowed to kick, punch, throw, tackle, take-down, grapple, and engage in submission and locking techniques both standing and on the ground. The striking methods are optimized for self defense and include knees, elbows, defenses, evasions, and footwork. Attributes developed through CSW are balance, leverage, power, ground sensitivity, and mental toughness.

We are part of Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling Association and proud CSW Pro Coach under Erik Paulson.

Submission Arts Wrestling (SAW)
SAW [サブミッション・アーツ・レスリング] is a modern Catch Wrestling based Japanese Martial Art and Combat Sport, founded in the 1980′s by Hidetaka Aso, a student of Karl Gotch. Primarily a NO-GI grappling system, SAW focuses in forcing ones opponent to submit by employing “chains” of chokes and joint locks. One of the trademarks of SAW are its many variations of devastating leglocks. Like its predecessor (Catch Wrestling), SAW supports the belief that a submission can be obtained by establishing either a position or a hold. The practice of Submission Arts Wrestling relies on solid technical principles, live sparring sessions and specific conditioning.

We are proud to be a First Dan Black Belt U.S. Representative for Sensei Hidetaka Aso & Mike Martelle Submission Arts Wrestling S.A.W.

International Submission Wrestling Alliance (ISWA)
The ISWA strives to evolve with the needs of its members and students and to continue producing top level competitive athletes with our teams competing in Catch Wrestling, Submission Grappling, Russian Sambo, Freestyle & Greco Roman Wrestling as well as amateur and professional MMA.

We are proud to be a Level One Coaches under Kris Iatskevich and the International Submission Wrestling Alliance ISWA

USA Wrestling (USAW)
USA Wrestling, guided by the Olympic Spirit, provides quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full human and athletic potential.

We are proud to be a Bronze Level Coach under United States Wrestling